Brody + Lily – Pet Portrait Photography Gold Coast

The other weekend I had a fabulously, fun photo shoot with my dear friend, and fellow photographer, Phil, with his partner Travis, and their two gorgeous dogs Brody and Lily!

Lily is a recent addition member to the family, after Phil and Travis gave her a forever home when they spotted her at Queensland Rescue. Lily was one of a number from an abandoned litter of puppies and how could anyone resist that little pink tummy and big pink ears! No one is really sure of her exact breed but she is thought to be part Dalmatian and part Bull Arab. Brody has also been with Phil since he was a puppy. Now 7 he is desperately trying to keep his new little sister out of trouble! He is a cross Tibetan Spaniel.

I would also like to take the opportunity to say a big ‘Congratulations!’ to Phil and Travis on their recent engagement!

I hope you like your photos xxx

p.s check out some of Phil’s great art works here

pet portrait photography 130202_015_Lily-and-Brody 130202_024_Lily-and-Brody 130202_027_Lily-and-Brodypet portrait photography  pet portrait photography

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